Homeless Bird

by Gloria Whelan

  Homeless Bird is a beautiful story of Koly, a young Indian girl. Her life changes dramatically after she is forced into an arranged marriage. Her idealist world of comfort and love is ended when she is sent off to marry a boy who soon dies and leaves her as a 13-year-old widow. While it would appear as though Koly's only hopes for happiness is in the hands of her new family, we soon realize (as Koly does) that true happiness must come from within.  The book takes the reader on an emotional journey as Koly travels through India searching for happiness. The book is an excellent way to learn about Indian culture as well as acquire new English vocabulary. The writer uses very descriptive language to tell this beautiful story. The story helps to raise awareness of social issues and gender issues that are common in many countries around the world. Although it is a story of a teenage girl, it is a story that can be enjoyed by both young women and young men. Anyone who reads this book will be moved by Koly and her determination.


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