ESL/EFL Lesson Ideas

7 great links to websites with a variety of content-based lessons for ELTs:

Teachers Helping Teachers  -- This is an excellent site created by teachers for teachers.  It is not specifically for ESL/EFL, but rather for all teachers. There are plenty of lessons that could be used as content-based lessons for ESL teachers.  There is not much for low-level ESL/EFL classes, though.

ICAL Online TEFL Certificate

Inventions and Technology -- Very much like the name says, this site is more science and math for K-8, but many lessons can be adapted for ESL and EFL students.

Lesson Plans and More -- Tis is the ESL Lounge site.  It has some free resources and more for those that would like to pay for premium access.

Sites for Teachers -- Hundreds of educational sites rated by popularity.

Free Teaching Resources -- This is the Learning Page.  It has free resources and membership is also available. The lessons are mostly K-8 and not specifically ESL/EFL.

JALT - Global Issues In Language Education -- Excellent website for lesson ideas on raising awareness of global issues in the ESL/EFL classroom.

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes -- This site provides ideas for how language teachers can uses internet-based materials in language teaching.

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