The Teacher's Cat

This is an old Victorian parlor game called “The Minister’s Cat”, but it is more fun in the ESL/EFL class if you rename it, “The Teacher’s Cat”. It is a fun game for practicing adjectives with any age students who have an intermediate level or above use of vocabulary. The game helps students develop vocabulary and an understanding of adjectives.

Students sit in a circle. The first studentbegins by saying, “The teacher’s cat is an adorable cat.” (Or, any “A” adjective to describe the cat.) The next person does the same but with the letter “B” and so on around the group. If a student cannot think of an adjective, they are out of the game. The final student not eliminated is the winner.

One variation of the game that may work for smaller groups is to have one full round with every student picking an adjective that begins with “A”, then move to the “B” adjectives and so on. This version is more difficult for large groups. Party guests played it this way in the 1970 musical version of Scrooge

Other variations are to choose words to replace “cat”. “The teacher’s car is an ancient car.” Or, “The teacher’s clothes are __________ clothes.” Or, “The teacher’s cooking is __________.”



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